We had another wonderful stay at the Polynesian resort in May 2008!  We were in the Hawaii (club level) building in accessible room #1529.  To see the specific accessible features, please click here: http://www.brownfamilyvacations.com/html/PolynAccessRm.htm


Here are the pictures we took during our stay:



If you are staying on the club level bell services will take you and your luggage directly to the Hawaii building in a golf cart like this one:

These next few pool pictures were taken on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend; prior to this the pool was never this crowded!  But I thought it was only fair to show how crowded the pool can get during the holidays.

The beach wasn't very crowded though!

Some pictures of the marina:

The Tonga building which contains the suites:


Tuvalu, as seen from the side:

A view from the marina of Tonga (far back on the left), Fiji (facing in towards marina), and Tuvalu (facing out towards lagoon):


A closer view of Tuvalu:

Tahiti on the left with Hawaii on the right.  In the middle is the side/end of Tokelau. On the far right you can see the beams on the top of the Great Ceremonial House peeking up.

This picture shows just how close the TTC is to the Polynesian resort! (That's Tahiti)


Waiting under the covered boat dock at the Polynesian (with Tahiti in the background)

Here it comes now!!

A smiling boat captain ready to take you to the Magic Kingdom!

And we're on our way!!

The Hawaii building

The beach in front of Hawaii showing the volleyball net and hammocks

Tokelau, facing the quiet pool which is the right behind the tree

The bathrooms at the quiet pool:

There are covered tables and chairs like this, encircling all around the quiet pool:

These signs remind swimmers that there is no lifeguard on duty at the quiet pool:


Concierge lounge pictures

We didn't take a lot of pictures of the concierge food offerings on this trip because the lounge and food offerings looked exactly the same as our last trip, but here are the pictures that we snapped:

This is the lounge, as viewed with your back to the windows and lagoon:

Some creative carved fruit and veggies creatures:

We didn't snap any pictures of the morning or evening offerings but each morning there were bagels (with cream cheese, jam, peanut butter, etc), cinnamon rolls, croissant, cheese danish, pineapple bread (that was better than ever!!), 4 types of cold cereal (Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Fruit Loops, and ??), oatmeal packets, skim and whole milk in dispensers, orange juice, cranberry juice, and the coffee machine which also had hot chocolate, and hot water for tea.  Many different types of tea bags were there as well.

We stopped for hot appetizers a couple of nights and we had pulled pork, barbecued ribs, create your own soup, and sushi.  All were very, very delicious.  Each night also offered a cheese and cracker platter that included several types of cheeses and crackers, veggies and ranch dip, pineapple and caramel dip, hummus and pita bread, Uncrustables, beer (Heineken, Bud, Bud Light, Sam Adams), various wines, and an alcohol-containing fruit punch that I loved. lol

Midday snacks:

(cheese popcorn, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, goldfish crackers, assorted nuts, gummy sharks)  There is always fresh whole fruit available 24 hours a day - apples, bananas, and oranges, as well as various beverages.

These are the freshest and best-tasting gummy sharks I've ever had. 

Shark frenzy on a plate! LOL

Some pictures taken from the lounge:

The End.  Mahalo and Aloha!