Polynesian Resort - 

Hawaii building (club level) - Accessible Room #1529  

(Room #1528 {which is not accessible}, connects to this room).


Accessible room features:

Ramp leading to ground-floor patio, also note that the sliding door portion is the center portion while in the non-accessible rooms the sliding portion is on the end. 



The ramp, as seen from inside the room:

This picture shows the light switches and thermostat set lower on the wall. Also in this picture you can see the instrument that flashes (for hearing impaired). 

This was one of my favorite features of the accessible room - the button on the wall on the left which would automatically hold the door open for about 20 seconds.  When you were entering the room from the hallway you only had to give the door a slight push open and then it would continue to open fully on its own.  This was extremely helpful, and saved my DH a few crushed toes as in the past he would stand back to hold the door open while I wheeled past him and out the door.


The doors to the closets slid open as opposed to opening out as they do in the regular rooms:

They removed the door to the cabinet that houses the mini fridge as there wouldn't be enough room for someone in a wheelchair to open it and still fit in that area to open the fridge:

Pictures of the bathroom:

You can see that the door is a pocket door and slides completely out of the way (as looking out into the hallway):

Another very useful feature is the seat in the shower.  There are 2 shower heads; a standard shower head as well as a hand-held that can slide up and down the bar and also be removed from the bar altogether.

The rest of the room had the standard beds (2 queens plus a daybed) and furnishings: