We didn't take many pictures at Port Everglades, FL, either!  We docked at night and then debarked the ship the next morning after breakfast.

However, a very special event happened while we were docked at this port!  The Disney Wonder sailed into the port and docked right behind the Disney Magic!  This might not sound like such a big deal, but it is because these 2 ships are rarely ever docked at the same place, at the same time.  I was told that it had been 4 years since the ships had been together.   John and I took our cameras and ran up to deck 10 to video tape the whole thing.  As the Wonder got closer to us, we could hear the guests and crew cheering to us!  Of course, we all cheered right back to them.  I'm so glad that John got this all on video tape.  I snapped some still photos of this, they didn't come out very clear, but I will post them here.  In one picture, you can see some people on the ground at the dock; those are crew members who were about to board both ships.  The crew who boarded the Wonder were going to sail the next day to Castaway Cay to see how much damage the island had sustained due to Hurricane Frances.  Today, it's less than a week since we've been off the Magic, and I'm happy to report that the minor was relatively minor, and guests may be able to return to Castaway Cay later this week. (Excuse the blurry pics!)