Before the cruise I really didn't think I'd have any reason to step foot into the Cove Cafe, except maybe to get a quick look.  Boy was I wrong!   I was feeling a bit queasy the first couple of days of the cruise (due to an antibiotic I was taking), and one afternoon John and I wanted something refreshing to drink that did not contain alcohol, or caffeine, and it had to be COLD.  Since the Cove Cafe is right next to the adult's pool, we walked in there and I decided to ask the server if she had anything that met those requirements.  I had looked on their coffee menu and didn't like anything it listed, such as latte's, espresso, capuccino's, etc.  Her name was Lourdes and she told me she could make a decaf iced or frozen coffee for me.  I asked her if she had any flavors, and once she mentioned "caramel" I told her that sounded good!  She went behind the bar and returned a few minutes later with our iced coffees and some biscotti. Each day she'd give us different gourmet cookies with our drinks. Sometimes it was biscotti, sometimes chocolate chip cookies, or almond bars, or oatmeal raisin cookies.  It was a wonderful treat, and a great break from our busy days!


John and I agree that these were the best-tasting coffee drinks that we've ever had!  

Here are some more pictures of the Cove Cafe, of Lourdes, , "our table", and some of the other drinks she made for us.  The Cove Cafe became a regular stop for us, each afternoon.  It also has a few computer terminals in one corner, as well as a large-screen TV, and reading material.  If you have the opportunity, stop in there, you won't be sorry! :)